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Evolution of the Mitochondrial Genome
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Cycle Sequencing

Solving the Mystery of the Neandertals
Solving the Mystery of the


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Clip 1: 1 minute 27 seconds
What is the age limit of DNA?

Clip 2: 45 seconds
What contributes to DNA degradation?

Clip 3: 1 minute 15 seconds
How to pick the best sample from which to isolate DNA.

Clip 4:
1 minute 12 seconds
Problems with getting "true" ancient DNA.

Clip 5:
50 seconds
How he ended up working with ancient DNA.

Clip 6:
41 seconds
The inheritance of accumlated mutations.

Clip 7:
29 seconds
Why it was relatively easier to reconstruct mitochondrial DNA sequences.

Clip 8:
1 minute 8 seconds
The Neandertal question: are they related to modern humans or not?

Clip 9:
40 seconds
What molecular genetics tells us about the Neandertal relationship to modern humans.

Clip 10:
59 seconds
Other possible ancient DNA results.

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