G E N E W I Z   A C C O U N T   S E T - U P

Account creation, payment, and terms:

  • You will need to create an account that is linked to the DNALC to take advantage of our special pricing arrangement (contact GENEWIZ for pricing information). When you create an account, please enter your institution name followed by “-DNALC” (This is very important!).  Be sure to fill out the rest of the information accurately.  Your invoice will be sent to you. 
  • You will need a valid form of payment. GENEWIZ accepts most major credit cards. You may also choose to pay with a purchase order.  If paying by PO make sure to give yourself enough time to have your PO available by the time you plan to submit your samples for sequencing.
  • Because the sequencing price is deeply discounted, GENEWIZ will not run repeat sequencing of PCR products that have failed to sequence properly. GENEWIZ may elect to re-run samples because of technical problems at their discretion.

Sample preparation and delivery:

  • You are responsible for the proper preparation and delivery of your samples to GENEWIZ according to the information provided on the following pages (go to Updated Sample Preparation page). Your samples should be shipped overnight, properly packaged and labeled to:

    GENEWIZ, Inc.
    115 Corporate Blvd.
    South Plainfield, NJ 07080

  • GENEWIZ will only sequence PCR products for the DNALC’s mitochondrial sequencing program and DNA barcoding program. If you wish to do other sequencing with GENEWIZ, you are encouraged to do so, but you will need to create another account. Your non-DNALC account will be subject to GENEWIZ’s regular rates, terms and conditions.

Sequence delivery:

  • GENEWIZ will typically deliver sequence 24-48 hours from when your sample is received by them. This is not a guarantee.
  • When your sequence is available, you will be able to download the sequence directly from GENEWIZ by logging into your account. Additionally, the DNALC will make the sequence available to you on bioservers.org and other DNALC sequence portals.

Questions and contact information:

Please direct any and all questions about sequencing service, preparation, PCR, primers etc. to the DNALC by email at DNALCseq@cshl.edu. Please do not contact GENEWIZ directly unless you have a billing related question. We will investigate any problems you may have and connect you with the appropriate GENEWIZ staff should that be necessary.

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Your cooperation with these guidelines and all GENEWIZ requirements will ensure that we are able to maintain this quality relationship for years to come and may also allow us to obtain future offers and discounts. If you cannot comply with these instructions, you are welcome to create your own independent account with GENEWIZ or any other sequencing resource. Thank you.

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